French Ash Slab (JSTS268)

Dimensions: Thickness 2", Width 26.5", Length 23.5".

Music Second.

Beautiful French ash large billet/small slab with 5A well-quartered curl throughout, distinct grain patterning, and two live edges.  This piece has a slight cup and small defects within the guitar pattern area.

Photos show both sides.  The discoloration shown is oxidation and surface stain from moisture in long storage.

Due to the effects of the Emerald Ash Boring Beetle on ash populations, the species is now considered functionally extinct.  This means that although there are still populations of ash trees growing, they are unable to effectively produce viable offspring at a pace, which would support large scale logging.  The result is that ash of all species is becoming more and more difficult to find.  This piece is a "rescue" from a private collection.

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